Bassdozer's Best Jerkbait Picks for Bass Fishing

Mark Griffiths Mark Griffiths

Shallow diving jerkbaits typically run 2 to 5 feet deep. A majority of anglers use shallow diving jerkbaits as opposed to deep diving jerkbaits.

Bassdozer's Best Jerkbait Picks for Bass Fishing

Indeed, most of the jerkbait son the market are shallow divers. The following models are some of the best in the world.

ima Flit 100 and ima Flit 120

The ima Flit is one of the newest - and greatest - jerkbaits to hit the market within approximately the past five years. Starting from scratch, the ima Flit is becoming more and more popular since it's introduction. Reason why is the Flit ranks right up there with the world's best jerkbaits for bass. I treat the two Flit sizes (120mm and 100mm) as if the same jerkbait. Both have great action, solidly constructed. Both have the same strong hooks and can be used on the same rod and reel. There's no need to use a lighter rod or line with the ima 100 and a heavier rod or line with the Flit 120. I find that ability to retie and show fish another size of the same lure is an advantage to fishing the ima Flit series. A lot of bass fall for the Flit, and that's why it is growing so quickly in popularity. Once you see the action in the water, you'll be a believer.

Jackall Squad Minnow 95

Jackall offers several jerkbait models and sizes. Make no mistake, however. I tis the Squad Minnow 95 that is the best jerkbait model and size made by Jackall that's available in the USA. Jackall lures are precision made, and the Squad Minnow 95 is one of the best bass jerkbaits in the world today.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100

Lucky Craft was one of the first Japanese lure companies to market their product sin the USA and worldwide. The Pointer 100 is the top-seller of all Lucky Craft lures sold in the USA. If that huge fact doesn't convince you that you ought to be using a Pointer 100, then I don't know what else will convince you. The Pointer 100 is a little beefier than average jerkbait requiring a little heavier than ordinary tackle than needed for other jerkbaits.

Lucky Craft Pointer 78

To me, the Pointer 78 is the greatest shallow diving jerkbait of all those under 100mm. No kidding. Of all Lucky Craft lures (topwater, lipless, cranks, jerks, etc) I have fished, the Pointer 78 has the most life-like action. Something in the design of the Pointer 78 gives it an occasional irregular action which is very special because it approximates the mindless dalliance of a real bait better than the mechanical metronome of most other baits. It's best used on lighter rod and line compared to the Pointer 100.

Megabass Vision 110

The most legendary jerkbait of all time, and for good reason. it's an incredible bass catcher. The only real problem with the Vision 110 is it's incredibly hard to get, and some of the most famous colors are hard to find, which include GG Deadly Black Shad, GP Pro Blue, Ito Natural, GG Wakasagi and GP IL Chart Tail Shad to name a few. They're the most sought-after Vision 110 colors - but there are many other incredibly effective Megabass colors too. However, the scarcity and unfamiliarity to many anglers creates uncertainty about Megabass colors.

Megabass X-80 Trick Darter

Scarcity, unfamiliarity and therefore uncertainty surrounds many Megabass crankbait, lipless and topwater lures including Megabass jerkait models such as the X-80 Trick Darter. Bottom line, if you like the Vision 110 and you want to try a slightly smaller model jerkbait form Megabass, the X-80 Trick Darter is the one to try with confidence.

SEBILE Koolie Minnow 90 SL SU

The Koolie Minnow 90 SL (Small Lip) only dives a couple feet deep at most, but it has the most lifelike action. There's something aboiut this particular size and model that causes bass to go for it in a big way.

SEBILE Stick Shadd 90 SU

Patrick Sebile prides himself on making unique lures, not following the traditional body shapes, lips and colors that are established in the industry. This makes for some striking lures but also causes unfamiliarity and uncertainty among anglers with some of SEBILE's unique, relatively new and unknown models. That's the case with SEBILE's Stich Shadd 90 SU (Suspending) lipless jerkbait. The fact it has no lip lets it come through the top of thick, shallow cover with less hang-ups than any other lipped jerkbait. Simply rip it hard for powerful jerks and darts in any direction, includoing up and down. Once you withness the fish-pulling power of this jerkbait, you will never go fishing without one in your box.

Smithwick Rogues

Smithwick is one of the more familiar brands due to longevity on the US market, and customers especially in the Heartland of the USA still show a strong favoritism toward Smithwick Rogues. It wasn't that long ago (2005) when Kevin VanDam won the Bassmaster Classic with the Smithwick Rogue.

The specific sizes and models of Rogues that I have found to be the very best of the Rogue family are:

  • 4-1/2" Floating Rattlin' Rogue (KVD won the 2005 Classic with this)
  • 4-1/2" Suspending Limited Rogue
  • 4-1/2" Suspending Rattlin' Rogue
  • 5-1/2" Suspending Rattlin' Rogue

Deep Diving Jerkbaits

Deep divers are nowhere near as poplar with anglers as shallow divers. Most shallow divers reach 2 to 5 feet deep whereas most deep diving jerkbaits run 6 to at most 10 feet deep. A deep diving jerkbait is not usually possible to reach the same depths as a deep diving crankbait where depths of 10 to almost 20 feet may be possible with big-lipped crankbaits. That isn't the case with deep-diving jerkbaits which run from 6 to 10 feet deep at most.

As I say, most guys use shallow diving jerkbaits most of the time. Don't make their mistake. If you fish where depths of 5 to 10+ feet of water exist, then get and use some of the following deep-diving jerkbaits. You will not regret it.

Lucky Craft Staysee

Of all Lucky Craft lures I have used for 12+ years, be they crankbaits, lipless, jerkbaits or topwaters, the Staysee 90 V2 has one of the most life-like actions. Within the last few years, there is now a V3 version. I have always liked V2 and have always switched to larger hooks which brings V2 close to what the new V3 is anyway. So if you want the Staysee with larger hooks out of the package, go V3. If you were planning to switch out the hooks or wanted to use the smaller stock hooks, opt for V2.

Lucky Craft Pointer 100 DD and 78 DD

Simply put, there are four necessary models of Lucky Craft Pointer jerkbaits that every angler ought to have:

  • Pointer 78 and Pointer 78 DD. These fall on the light tackle side - 8, max 10 or even 6 lb test. The 78 is a shallow-diving version. The 788 DD stands for deep diver, depending what diameter line you use and the distance cast, the 78 DD can hit the 5 to 7 foot range. Both models suspend.
  • Pointer 100 and Pointer 100 DD. On the heavier side, and can be used with 10, 12 or 14 lb test lines, depending on how gnarly the cover and big the bass. The 100 is a shallow-diving version, and is is the most popular and productive of all Lucky Craft lure models. The 100 DD is a deep diving model, depending on what diameter line you use. Although it is a beefy bait, stripping down as low as 8 lb test with the 100 DD will help it achieve maximum depth, about 7 to 9 feet deep. Both models suspend.
  • Shown top down: Pointer 78, 100, 78DD and 100DD.

Lucky Craft Pointer 78 XD

The XD stands for Extra Deep diver. Relatively new and unknown, you probably have not heard of this Pointer and for that reason (it's unfamiliarity to anglers), I would not even mention it here. However, it is just too good for me to not say anything.

The Pointer 78 XD suspends at depths down to10 feet deep, depending on line used, rod tip position, retrieve used, distance cast, and other conditions.

From top down: Pointer 78 Pearl Shad. 78 DD Misty Shad and 78 XD Sexy Chartreuse Shad.

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