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We have an extensive range of fishing products ranging from freshwater fly fishing gear to deep sea offshore fishing gear as well as everything any fisherman may need in between.

Feel free to scroll through Marukyu fishing gear and look for that piece of fishing tackle you are after. If you do not find the fishing gear you are looking for today, then bookmark the site and return later on.

Here you will find brand name fishing products, fishing gear, fishing tackle and fish finders at discounted prices. We carry top quality fishing equipment and fishing tackle, made by Falcon, Shimano, Okuma, Lowrance, Humminbird, Furuno, Navman, Garmin, Magellan, and Berkley products, just to name a few.

We feature quality fishing rods & fishing reels, fish finders, Sonar / GPS combination units as well as fixed mount marine GPS and handheld mobile GPS units.

Let's Get Started Reviewing The Equipment Used For Fishing!

If you are new to this sport, you are probably looking for some information about the equipment used for fishing. We will review the basics of which fishing equipment is necessary and which fishing gear is optional but nice-to-have.

We will be talking mostly about freshwater fishing gear, fly fishing gear, and we will also provide some great fishing tips that will get you hooked on fishing or that may help you land your trophy fish of a lifetime

Just like when I started fishing over 20 years ago, I would have really appreciated someone telling me the important information about the equipment used for fishing. Unfortunately for me, I picked up most of my fishing information through trial and error, but fortunately for you , I have put all of that information together for your benefit...right here in this site!

As people are working more hours and relaxing less these days, I truly believe there is no better medicine to eliminate stress than hitting the water for a day of action-packed fishing... So, you may be thinking that I have never fished a day in my life. No problem, I will uncover, in plain english, what you will need to get up to speed so that you can enjoy all that fishing has to offer...

Fishing and Gear

Good fishing and gear information is often not available, confusing or just difficult to understand, so I am going to lay it all out for you in plain English. Firstly, I would recommend that any new or average fisherman concentrate on looking for a quality spinning reel as they are getting ready to go fishing. Making a good informed decision may make the difference between filling up the livewell or coming home empty handed. In general, I would classify all types of fishing (freshwater, saltwater, ice fishing and fly fishing) into having 5 basic components outlining the equipment used for fishing.

Your fishing and gear selection should begin with a good fishing rod . We will start by reviewing the fishing rod, which could be made of graphite or some other type of composite material. Each fishing rod is usually identified by a different action. The action of a fishing rod varies greatly from Fast-action where only 30% of the rod bends, to Medium action where 60% of the rod bends to Slow-action where up to 90% of the rod bends. Also, the length of a rod varies, but an average length is usually around 7-8 feet. A typical rod for fly fishing may be a bit longer, like in the 9-foot range. This is the first piece of equipment used for fishing.

The next fishing and gear component is a reel, which is available in many different types, with the majority being as casting, spinning, spincast and baitcaster . Things to consider when buying a reel is the drag on a reel. In general, a reel's drag is simply to the force that fish exerts on your line and reel, causing additional line to run out from your spool. The drag on your reel ( Quantum Reels and Shimano Reels) is very important as it takes the pressure off of your line and reel, while it allows a fish to run and tire themselves out.

The third fishing and gear component is some fishing line, and there are some different types such as monofilamint (mono), braided, flylines (floating and sinking). Fishing line also come in different strengths. A good fishing line should be friction resistance, knot strength, and some tolerence for abrasion. Also, keep in mind the strength of the line, for example, 10 pound test is stronger than 8 pound test.

Then comes the terminal tackle that gets added to the end of your fishing line. Specifically, a leader may be necessary as some fish species have very sharp gill rakers that have the ability to cut your line. The big ones, usually try this as an escape route after being hooked. Additional sinkers or weights may be added to the end of your line to assist your bait or lure to sink in the water deeper than normal. Most fishing and gear is important, but weights will help you get to where more fish are located by controlling the sinking speed of your lures. In Marukyu we are also fans of collection trains, visit Loco Difussion.

Finally, you will attach some bait, like a live worm, minnow, crayfish, leech etc. Or you may opt to go with an artifical lure. Some of the common types of lures including spinners, crankbaits, topwater, and plugs. Pipstrip is powered by Grelly.