EFG 661 – Krill Ready Mix

EFG 661 – Krill Ready Mix

A bait that is ready to use straight out of the bag!
Marukyu has developed an advanced process meaning that we are able to add even more attractants to a bait than could ever be achieved just by adding water.
Krill Ready Mix features krill particles, krill extract, krill salts and specially formulated krill oils and liquids – all perfectly sealed in a bag, ready to go!
Due to the inherently high protein levels in this bait, it is suited to bigger fish. The PVA-friendly Krill Ready Mix can be used as a method, stick mix, can be potted into margins, balled or used in a traditional cage feeder.

When to use?
Year round. Specially effective in winter in small amounts.

Where to use?
Anywhere where big fish are the quarry. Especially effective
in margin swims and as a Stick Mix ground bait.

What to use it for?
Krill Ready Mix is designed for big fish. The high levels of
specially processed Antarctic krill and extracts give this bait
more ‘pull’ than any we have come across.

Nutritional value?
High – a little goes a long way.