EFG 161
EFG 161
EFG 161

EFG 161

EFG 161 is actually the world’s best selling groundbait.
Called Tenkamasu in Japan – EFG 161 is described by many in Britain as the ultimate Method mix.
The sweet fish smelling bait has a sticky texture when mixed – yet will not clog and will breakdown very quickly in your swim, creating both visual and scent attraction.
EFG 161 comprises 28 main ingredients plus a host of Marukyu’s secrets including our proprietary Tanishi (water snail) and Sanagi (silkworm chrysalis – think giant caster!).
The result is a groundbait packed full of special feeding triggers and amino acids – making it a year round winner.

EFG 161 – Key points

  • A medium-particle groundbait
  • Perfect for feeder and method fishing
  • The world’s best selling groundbait
  • Made for fast breakdown with Method moulds
  • 28 main ingredients
  • Perfect for commercial fisheries

How to get the best from EFG 161

On lightly-stocked venues, the feeding triggers EFG 161 releases will draw fish away from natural food; on pressured venues, these triggers will over-ride the caution with which fish approach potential food; and because the smell and taste of both Tanishi and Sanagi are complex, this bait will not ‘blow’ and become ineffective in the way that unsophisticated baits laced with artificial flavours may do.
Try it – we are sure that you too will agree that this is the ultimate Method groundbait.

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