EFG 150 & EFG 151
EFG 150 & EFG 151
EFG 150 & EFG 151
EFG 150 & EFG 151
EFG 150 & EFG 151

EFG 150 & EFG 151

Both EFG 150 (fine particle) and EFG 151 (coarse particle) groundbaits are packed full of attractants and more importantly are very high in nutritional value.
As a guide, use fine mixes for methods/balling/deep water and use the coarser larger mixes for feeder fishing and fishing in shallower water.
The larger mixes have large particles which are heavier and stay on the bottom, this helps prevent fish ‘filter feeding’ off the bottom and also reduces small fish activity.
This means that they not only attract fish – but also have the ability to hold fish in the swim.
The particles are very active and will spread further drawing fish in from a big distance.
In warm water conditions the fish are not always going to feed hard on the bottom, especially in deep water. EFG 150 and 151 come into their own here as with a soft squeeze they will rain their particles slowly down in the swim. This is an ‘all temperature’ bait but engineered to be very effective in warm water conditions.

EFG 150 & EFG 151 – Key points

  • A medium-particle groundbait packed with Nori
  • Perfect for feeder and method fishing
  • Mix 2-1 for an explosive mix
  • Can be used to target F1 carp, bream and tench
  • 23 main ingredients
  • Perfect for commercial fisheries

How to get the best from EFG 150 & EFG 151

When the going gets tough use EFG 150 and EFG 151. These baits have a history of producing unbelievable results, producing fish when most cannot get a bite.
The perfect combination of food, attractants and amino acids coming from the combination of 23 ingredients triggers fish to want to feed.