Marukyu’s JPelletz are the culmination of three years of hard work!
After listening to our field testers, and working in conjunction with our scientists in Tokyo, Japan, we have finally come up with what we feel is the most perfect pellet on the market.
You asked for uniform sizes... we have delivered.
You wanted a controlled breakdown speed... you got it!
You requested something different from the competition... our pleasure!
You needed more attraction... smell away!
JPelletz are available in 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm variants.

JPelletz – Key points

  • Uniform size
  • Marukyu’s exclusive Ebi formula
  • Uniform fall rate
  • Can be banded, soaked, spiked, hair rigged - fish as you want!
  • Suitable for feeding, spraying, pellet feeder, potting... whatever you want! The most versatile pellet ever!!!
  • Use straight from the bag – or damp them down in minutes, the choice is yours!