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What we do

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What we do

What We Do We Create The best Baits In The World

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FOCUS - Our new Product Range

Focus RangeMarukyu’s Focus range has been developed to maximise attraction. Focus brings together some of the finest fish attractors in their purest form.
These are then blended with our exclusive AMINO+ formula which is designed to stimulate fish into aggressive feeding.
The result is a range of baits that appeal to all senses. The Focus range comprises Amino Pellets, Margin Mix, Method Mix, and Deep Impact Mix.   
FOCUS Range launched now. EXPLORE NOW » »

Amino + Launched NOW

Amino PlusAMINO + is a new and exciting feed trigger that can be applied to both feed baits and hookbaits.
It is designed to stimulate fish into feeding. How does it work? That is a trade secret, but we can tell you that it is packed full of nucleotides, amino acids, essential oils and high stimulation feeding triggers. The spray actually bonds to any bait it touches – producing a far reaching scent trail in the water leading the fish directly to your bait.
AMINO + in launched now. SEE PRODUCT » »

Marukyu Updated

Matthew Perring talks about bait…

Now I’ve never been one to tinker with baits in the past. If I found a bait that worked I seemed to just stick with it. I’d flog it to...

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A Change Of Scenery with Mitch Henderson

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“We bring a personal and effective approach to every bait we create, which is why our anglers love us and why they keep coming back.”

George Jones, Surrey

"I was as sceptical as the rest when Marukyu was launched three years ago – but oh my word – these baits have transformed my fishing forever!" George Jones, Surrey

Matthew Williams, West Mids

"Three consecutive personal bests on Marukyu's Credence Krill Feast – says it all really doesn't it?"

Matthew Williams, West Mids

Marukyu Team Meet our pro testing team.

Andy Kinder

Andy Kinder

Match Fishing
Nick Marlow

Nick Marlow

Specimen Fishing
Roy Marlow

Roy Marlow

Match Fishing

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